The Church of San Marco and San Lorenzo

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The Church of San Marco and San Lorenzo, as can be seen from the name, has two owners since it is the recognition of two ancient churches: the historic Church of San Marco from 1250, which stood in place of the current church and the archaic church of San Lorenzo.

The rector of the church of San Lorenzo, Don Francesco Rilli, took care of the reconstruction of the contemporary church, and the building was consecrated on 5 September 1784 by the Arezzo bishop Niccolò Marcacci.

The origins of the Church are contemporary with the nearby Castello dei Guidi and the Abbey of San Fedele.
The Church has a simple external facade, introduced by an eighteenth-century staircase.

The interior of the building is characterized by a single nave layout, punctuated by pilasters of various orders; the barrel vault is interrupted by the presence of six bands.

The numerous side chapels show tabernacles of late Baroque style, enriched by the presence of significant altarpieces, while behind the high altar, in the choir, we note the presence of an organ, the work of Tuscan master organ builders from the 1700s.

Among the works worthy of mention inside the Church, we mention the Pentecost, dating back to around 1575 and located in the right side altar and the Deposition, both works by Francesco Morandini, a painter pupil of Giorgio Vasari, originally from Poppi, for this reason he’s named “Poppi”.

Particularly interesting is also the Resurrection of Lazarus, oil on canvas made in 1619 by the Veronese painter Jacopo Ligozzi. The work is located near the left side altar, near the presbytery area of ​​the Propositura.


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