Our project

With the collaboration of the Municipality of Poppi, the Proloco Centro Storico and the Technical School Galileo Galilei, we have collected information regarding the main tourist attractions of the historic center of Poppi.

Search and scan the qr-codes scattered around the village

Navigate with your smartphone in our village

Scan the qr-code with the appropriate app and get all the information on the main attractions of our village. A text and an audio-guide will guide you through the ancient streets of the village of Poppi.


Castello di Poppi


Chiesa della Madonna del Morbo


Badia San Fedele

Let yourself be guided by the interactive map

For each attraction you will find directions to other points of interest nearby

Within each web page you will find a map with “hotspots” that will guide you to other nearby points of interest. Near the tourist attraction you will always find a qr-code to scan with lots of new information.

Here are some things not to be missed on your visit to Poppi.

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Chiesa della Madonna del Morbo

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Castello di Poppi e Piazza delle Armi

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Badia San Fedele

The church of San Fedele was originally a small chapel dedicated to San Rocco ( patron saint of Poppi).
Count Guido Guerra IV knowing the fame of the Strumi monastery, managed to agree with the monks to have part of it moved to his castle in Poppi, making the chapel bigger and in the corner of the left side , he had a portico with some cells built.
The church today is also called the Badia.
It was built by Abbot Ridolfo II in 1185.
It is the largest church in Casentino and is from the Lombard period; it was the first parish church of Poppi

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